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Zeus has spent HALF HIS LIFE in kennels

Zeus has spent HALF HIS LIFE in kennels 😭😭

You read that right, he’s been waiting 465 days for a home.  We are stumped and so sad for him! He’s just a big friendly puppy who needs a chance! 🐶

He is such a happy boy and just cannot resist saying hello to any hooman. He also loves his toys so much! AND he doesn’t even destroy them! 🎾

He’s a smart boy who wants to please. He has already mastered sit, shake and lie down! He’s waiting for a family who will love him and teach him how to be his best dog.

Although he loves playing and running around, he will need to be slowly introduced to other friendly dogs as his socialising skills need some practice. However once he’s calmed down he’s a lot more settled with other dogs. 🐾

Zeus is ready and waiting for his next big step in life and would love for you to be a part of it. If you are ready to have this beautiful puppy be a part of your family, apply below! ✨

He got some glamour shots thanks to InSitChew that show off his beautiful smile and goofy personality!

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