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Desperate for Love

Dog Pound Rescue

About Us


We are a Dog Rescue based in the Perth Metro area, run totally by volunteers and funded by donations. All of our dogs are placed in foster homes in the metro area until they are adopted.


Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue (DFL) is committed to saving as many dogs from pounds as possible.


We have hundreds of foster carers all over Perth who care for the dogs until they are ready to move to their forever homes. We are always in need of foster carers to love and care for dogs of all ages and sizes.


Along with finding new homes for dogs, we also rescue dogs that don’t have much time left. Rather than leave them to live out the rest of their life in a pound alone, they live with a “forever foster” carer and remain in the rescue until it is their time. They will only know love and kindness and will receive all vet work needed to make them as comfortable as possible.


Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue relies solely on adoption fees and fundraising to help save more dogs.  


Looking to add to your family?

Each adoption fee covers vet work for your forever friend.


Fostering involves taking a DFL foster dog into your home & looking after it like one of your own until the  perfect forever home is found. 

support us

Are you a business looking to give back to the community? 


We host events on a regular basis, feel free to follow our calendar in the link below!

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