Our Forever Fosters: Meet Bosco AKA Boss

Bosco is a special boy with a chronic bowel disease. He has a very strict diet and medication to help manage his condition, along with 3-6 monthly injections.

He came to the rescue very thin, yet unable to gain any weight. At one point, he was having three times the amount of food needed for a dog his size, and continuing to lose weight.

It took several years to find the correct diagnosis. Even now, he still feels hungry all the time, and his carers are always on poop patrol to check his health is on track.

When he arrived, Bosco was also very unsure of everything around him, completely terrified to even walk indoors. He still has many fears but he has come along in leaps and bounds; his carers try to manage his stress to avoid exacerbating his bowel condition.

Bosco is so full of character. He is a big, cuddly sook and has very grabby paws. His favourite things include chasing flies, receiving belly rubs & ear scratches, giving licks, and telling his fam what to do... We don’t call him Bossy for nothing!

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