Natalie Plunkett had no way of knowing way back in 2008 that her dream would grow so large...


It all began with Natalie driving around to the pounds and rescuing dogs that were in danger of being put to sleep.  She begged family and friends to help look after the dogs until she could find them their forever home.


As more people came on board, Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue (DFL) continued to grow.  The committee expanded and more foster carers and volunteers joined. volunteers work tirelessly to match each dog to their perfect forever home. 


Now Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue has over 250 volunteers across Perth and successfully rehomes hundreds of dogs a year.  


What makes DFL so different from other rescues is the philosophy of saving all dogs - no matter how old or how long they may have.  In fact, Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue is committed to saving those dogs that no one would adopt (due to age or ill-health) and place them in a loving forever foster home so that they can live their days out in comfort, love and peace.  All vet work is covered by DFL to make them as comfortable as possible.


One dream has become a very successful reality...

Saving one dog at a time!


We are a Dog Rescue based in the Perth Metro area, run totally by volunteers. All of our dogs are placed in Foster homes in the metro area until they are adopted.


Desperate for Love Dog Pound Rescue (DFL) is committed to saving as many dogs from pounds as possible.


We have hundreds of foster carers all over Perth who care for the dogs until they are ready to move to their forever homes. We are always in need of foster carers for dogs of all ages and sizes.


DFL is run entirely by volunteers. We also rescue dogs that don’t have much time left. Rather than leave them to die in a cold  pound alone, they will live with a “forever foster” carer & remain in the rescue until it is their time. They will only know love & kindness and will receive all vet work needed to make them as comfortable as possible.


When you adopt a dog from DFL, you are donating towards helping many, many more dogs who need our help. All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped & sterilised prior to adoption, and these costs are all covered by the adoption fee.